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AuctionMagic is the most powerful bidding and auction management software available on eBay. It will track you auctions and place your bids moments before the auctions close to greatly increase your chances of winning. AuctionMagic is the pioneers in eBay software, with the original released back in 1998.  The current version was rewritten last year from the ground-up using the latest and most powerful programming language available from Microsoft.

Here are a few of AuctionMagic's many features:

  • By placing bids at the last possible second before an auction closes, known as sniping, you can ensure you're the last bidder. No one has time to see your bid and counter it before the auction closes.
  • Selective bidding with Bid Logic lets you only bid on the auction if it meets certain conditions based on the results of your other auctions.  This way you can have it bidding on the same item from different sellers until one wins, or only bid on an accessory if you win the main item first.
  • Synchronizes your PC to eBay's clock so your bids go in exactly when you want them to.
  • The optional Remote Access, when enabled, lets you access your auctions from anywhere with a web browser
  • There are many ways to quickly add new auctions, even in the background. Integration with web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. Automatically add all items you've bidding on, selling, or watching.
  • Keep up with what your auctions are doing with desktop alerts, sound effects, emails, and text messages, letting you know when things have changed.
  • Keep track of auctions you've purchased, including contact and tracking information, dates, and costs.  It also stores a complete copy of the item's description with pictures, so you'll have a record even if it changes or when eBay eventually removes it.
  • Automatically checks for new updates so you're always using the latest version. Updates are available for free.
  • Supports international eBay sites and currencies.



Below you can see the innovative interface which allows you to organize your auctions into your own categories, as well as select different colors so you can quickly see what items you're winning or losing at a glance. Filters, advanced sorting, and search keep your auctions at your fingertips.

Here is the auction summary page for an item being monitored by AuctionMagic. It shows all the vital statistics, with clickable links to show other items available, feedback, and it's eBay page. A thumbnail image appears in the window, which will also appear when you hover over the item in the main window. The close date is automatically converted to your local time zone for your convenience

Below is where you'll be setting up your automated bids, which it can do using different currencies. It also supports multiple eBay accounts. Bid Logic lets you pick from other auctions in your list and have it bid on this item based on their outcome, win or lose. You can verify that your bid is valid and everything is set up correctly.

AuctionMagic will help you even after you've won your item. Track when you've sent your payment and it's current status, as well as the seller's contact information. You can also store all the additional expenses for the auction such as shipping and insurance. A complete copy of the item's page will also be saved so you have a record long after the 90 days when eBay removes it from the site.


System Requirements

  • Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, or Windows 7 (32 or 64bit)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or newer (Free, see this page for more details)
  • 800x600 or greater screen display size

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