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Merlin Software has developed powerful software packages for use with eBay.  They can save time and money with bidding tools and search tools designed to find under priced auctions.  You'll never have to leave feedback by hand again.  You can even spruce up your desktop with your favorite comic strips.  We do custom projects as well, specializing in software that interfaces with eBay.

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Funnies 3.0.4

This current version of this program requires the .net framework 2.0, available free from Microsoft through the Windows Update web site, or you can download it from the link below.  You can learn more about .net by clicking here

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Additional Software

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3.0.4  Februrary 21, 2012

Updated comic extraction functions for latest web page layouts.

3.0.3   May 5, 2009

Updated comic extraction functions for latest web page layouts.

3.0.2   January 8, 2008

The software has been updated from using the Microsoft .net framework 1.1 to 2.0.


3.0.1   May 14, 2005

A problem has been fixed that can cause Funnies to crash when left running for a long period of time.


3.0.0   April 13, 2005

This is the first public release of Funnies 3.0.0.




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